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¿A Dónde Van?

Autor: Gabriela Rosario Peyron Pichardo
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Different species of animals leave the place they once called home, some come back and others don’t, they either do it alone or in groups. Flying, walking or swimming they go through jungles, valleys, oceans and even countries. Small animals like butterflies and hummingbirds, or big animals, like elephants and whales, they travel for different reasons and their journey can take weeks or even months. Many of them start their journey in hopes of finding food, others because they are fleeing from the cold and another part of them looking for places to have their babies. This kind of movement goes by the name of migration, and this book of our collection is an introduction to the topic of migration movements of some animal species until the point of talking about the human migrations that are caused by changes in nature, like hurricanes, earthquakes or droughts, but also by wars, violence and other circumstances that make humans leave their place of origin.