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La Dama de la Selva

Autor: Antonio Ramos Revillas
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A child runs alone in the jungle. A child with tired legs and a courage that transforms into fear the moment he sees the greenery turn into darkness with every step he takes. He wants to go home, but he is lost. He tries to protect himself from the dangers that live in those lands, but the night doesnt make it easy, nor the rain or his stepmothers screams that resound in his ears. Somebody looks at him from the darkness and he feels how the fear starts invading his body to the point of making him breathless. Could it be the Lady of the Jungle that his grandfather always talked about?, Is it the Pucari who come to make him one of their servants without eyes? No, itS a girl calling him from a small boat. They dont know it yet but they will travel the jungle together. Their journey will be full of scary challenges, meetings with mysterious characters and memories, memories of his mother that died years ago and the moon as their only companion and the one that will guide Manuel and Zuna through the jungles night that seems to have no end.