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Los Cuentos de Willy

Autor: Anthony Browne
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Willy goes through a mysterious door every day, which leads him to live the most amazing adventures. One day, he’s inside a barrel of apples listening to some fearsome pirate conversations; the next day, he’s fighting Captain Hook face to face; by the next day, he’s falling into a bottomless pit, where he finds a hasty rabbit; on the next day, he’s climbing a rope of golden hair following the beautiful voice. In this book, Anthony Browne introduces us to endless stories, so children can create their own plots, and make them come up with possible endings. The book includes short stories and illustrations that recall a few classics, experienced by the endearing chimpanzee: Willy, an iconic character in children’s literature. We’ll find references to texts, such as Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and Rapunzel, along with others. This book will work, not only to develop children’s imagination, but also so they can discover these literary classics.